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“Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things”

Peter F. Drucker


Team & Individual Productivity and Effectiveness,
Recruitment, Career planning, Outplacement, Graduate support




Effective Time and Energy Management 

Understanding the impact, both good and bad of our personalities on how we manage our ( and other’s ) time and energy



We use a range of psychometrics which are models based on the pioneering personality profiling work of Carl Jung. Using colour as a common language for self-understanding, effective interaction and organisational growth.


These solutions create a common language that allows people throughout the organisation to communicate effectively with colleagues and customers and to recognise and value the diverse and unique contributions that each make, this is manifest through increased productivity, reduced cost and improved customer services.

  • Team building

  • Coaching

  • Stress management

  • Dealing with conflict

  • Relationship coaching

  • Mindfulness

  • Personal Resilience

  • Leadership development

  • Personal development

Recruitment, Career planning, Outplacement, Graduate support

​​This is a 5 step programme that can be tailored to individual needs:

  1. Complete a personality profile on ideal careers or roles for that individual that aligns with their styles

  2. Create a "brand" CV

  3. Complete a Career Assessment  to give specifics on fundamental drivers for career planning

  4. A thorough overall of their LinkedIn is undertaken

  5. Interview skills training is given

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Executive Productivity


In our own work on this subject, spanning 25 years, we have found that most execs, managers and specialists are excellent at what they do. We find that most PAs are excellent at their administrative specialism.
But most execs & PAs never take the time to thoroughly examine how, by working better together; they can free the exec’s time, focus and energy for even better results.


The aims of this programme are twofold:

  1. To give executives more time, focus and choice.  

  2. To help administrative assistants create the most effective working partnership to accomplish the point above.


Within the objectives we cover:


  • Reducing dispersal, enhancing focus

  • Time and process management

  • Managing information overload, especially e-mails

  • Payback from meetings

  • Work-life balance

  • Application of personal strengths

Our expert consultants


Brad Gentry

Mentor Meeting brad_edited.jpg

Wendy Osborne


Born in Zimbabwe, Brad immigrated to the UK in  1985 spending 15 years managing large format retail stores before starting his own Consultancy business.


20+ years personally consulting to global organisations, SME's and individuals to bring awareness of potential and achieve lasting success.


With proven experience over the years, Brad can select appropriate targeted solutions for each client. He will work with Senior Executives as individuals, with their immediate reports as well as their global teams to boost effectiveness.


Brad's methods are responsive and flexible and include specialist, transformational solutions for both business and the individual. Brad is comfortable with cross geography call conferencing/Skype but does travel extensively to work with clients face to face.


Having previously operated in a retail environment for 15 years running multiple large format units, Brad understands the many and varied challenges and pressures that many face today.


The approach is pragmatic in effectiveness but also flexible, warm and supportive.

With over 30 years Experience, Wendy is a highly competent individual, who has crafted an international suite of skills and capabilities.


She has a proven track record of delivery, and has consistently and calmly created value in complex high pressured environments, building strong relationships and aligning diverse stakeholders along the way.


An outstanding coach and mentor with well-developed organisational skills, Wendy brings structure and reliability to all processes that stand the test of time. She will accurately challenge the status quo, providing solutions and driving continuous improvement.


Wendy is recognized for her ability to build capability and develop talent. Creative and intuitive Wendy has a warmth that radiates onto others, leaving an indelible impression. 


Client Testimonials


Client Testimonials


"I have worked with Brad on many occasions, most recently to make some efficiency improvements in a diverse team and to ensure that as an individual my time was being spent effectively. The Insights coaching he delivered enabled the strengths and weaknesses of the team to be identified and adjustments made accordingly, the results were remarkable. It also helped in 1:1 development discussions.

The Executive Personal Efficiency Programme (PEP) helped to release time from non-value adding activities and made a dramatic difference to my day.


Brad is great to work with, has an engaging style and huge amounts of experience in the application of these improvement tools from a range of companies and industries. He is responsive, quick to understand the business need and propose ways forward irrespective of the situation."

- Lee Billingham, Director Innovateer Ltd

“As we globalize many of our company processes and personal interaction, Gentry Worldwide provides a unique mechanism to identify interdepartmental strengths and challenges.
Brad and Wendy bring an exceptional approach. With many years of corporate and interpersonal experience, Brad and team use various techniques designed to make each workshop a true pleasure.”  

- Arnold Erazo, Manager, Global Service Center Forum  Energy Technologies 
(Aug '17)

"I just wanted to say thank you for your time on Friday, I got so much from our meeting on so many levels.


It really helped me have a great conversation with my client that afternoon, they are feeling reassured and excited that the programme I've developed for them will work for them where they are at now.


I loved the clarity you brought to my thinking in terms of keeping it simple and focussing on what the client needs and will get the most from. All super helpful. "  

- Jo Coville, Licensed Practitioner (Feb '18)

"Brad is very service oriented and consistently exceeds expectations. I have found him to be highly skilled in influencing and negotiating, all the while employing a co-operative/collaborative approach. He is highly effective at building mutually beneficial relationships.


As a coach, Brad has an in-depth understanding of what motivates people and uses that strength very effectively. He has been a great source of support and motivation in my career development journey and has been very effective in helping me to improve my work performance/productivity and achieve exponential career growth."

- Ekene Kayode,  IT VP at BP

“I am an experienced trainer/facilitator and thought the training session itself was brilliant, all of my colleagues had similar comments to mine.


The mixture of information, humour and direction was balanced and well thought through, making it an enjoyable learning experience for us.  Not sure I have anything to suggest, except please do not change the format”

Neil Henderson, GM at GSK





"We all hugely enjoyed the session and your fantastic facilitation.  It was truly insightful and folk are now using their new knowledge on a day-to-day basis.” - - Bernard Tucker, Project Lead at GSK

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More Testimonials


Just wanted to say ‘thank you’: your session has prompted me to sort out my emails properly and I now have just 64 in my inbox and 33 in my sent items.  A big improvement from the 5,000 a week ago (at least 200 of which had never even been read)! I have also set up a ‘to do’ folder and move things which require action straight in there – I then spend an hour reviewing and auctioning those items each day to keep on top of things.

As someone who regularly receives 60+ emails each day, this is really helpful and I need to be disciplined about deleting as I go. Next step is to make better and more efficient use of my calendar…!

- Hatty Hall,  (HR Transformation Manager) Southern Water (Mar 2018)


"The major impact of this has been to free my time for more important long term issues and planning. We (assistant) really worked as a team."Dr. Anthony Sedgwick, Head of Clinical Operations, Roche

“As a result of PEP I was able to reduce my workload from 70 to 40 hours and still achieve the same results.”

Dr. Richard Bax, Head of Clinical Studies, SB Pharmaceuticals

I would just like to thank you for working with me on the Personal Efficiency Programme. From the organisation of my Outlook to my planning of projects it has had such an impact to the way I work and the effectiveness of what I do.

There is also much to be said about the fact that I just feel on top of my work!

- Simon O'Doherty, Chelsea Building Society